Tenant on sofa

We think tenants get a raw deal when dealing with agents. The fees can be ridiculous! At Bristol Local Lets, we want to provide you with a long term home and a friendly and responsive service without charging you the earth. Our tenant fees are competitive, we charge £207 plus VAT per tenant as an initial Agency fee. This fee covers referencing, administration and drawing up the tenancy documents, on the first day of your tenancy we shall meet you at your new home to check you in, which is free. We take meter readings and advise the Council and utility suppliers of your details. If you are moving into one of our managed properties, the inventory  and check in are free to the tenant/s. If at the end of the fixed term, your landlord and you the tenant want a further fixed term tenancy, we renew the tenancy for free. However, if you are a joint tenant of 3 or more tenants, and one tenant wishes to leave, the remaining tenants will be charged £100 and the incoming tenant will be required to pay £207 plus VAT. If you require a guarantor there is a charge of £150 plus VAT per guarantor, which covers referencing, drawing up the Deed of Guarantee and administration.

Our fees: £207 plus VAT per person. That’s it. 

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Applying for a Tenancy

You’ll need to supply us with some details so that we can process the tenancy and reference you properly. We’ll need:

  • Photo ID (like a driving license or passport.)
  • A completed referencing form, which we’ll provide.
  • A copy of a utility bill at your current address.

You can also call us and leave your contact details and property requirements at any time and we’ll let you know as soon as something suitable becomes available.

Reserving a Property

Because most of our properties are filled very quickly, we take a £400 holding deposit to secure the property in your name. Once the tenancy has been processed this is taken out of the sum of the main deposit. You must be serious about the house and honest about your details as this is not refundable if you do not take the tenancy or if you are found to be untruthful on your form.


We use the Deposit Protection Service to hold your deposit securely until the time comes for you to get it back. You can find out more about this scheme on their website: www.depositprotection.com

A deposit of 6 weeks rent will be payable to cover all parties for any loss, damage or other liabilities (excluding rent) under the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Getting Your Deposit Back

We want you to get all of your deposit back. They  are lodged with the DPS, a third party organisation, so this is perfectly likely, so long as you stick to these guidelines:

  • Carefully check the inventory – make sure everything is there.
  • If something is lost or broken – tell us!
  • Clean the property – nothing says ‘great tenant’ like a clean home left for the landlord.
  • Carry out minor repairs (things like replacing lightbulbs, checking the batteries in the smoke detectors work and painting over marks on the walls. Call us if you’re unsure).
  • Tidy the garden – mow the lawn and weed the flower beds and borders using the equipment provided.