About Us

Bristol Local Lets manages property for people with other things to focus on in their lives. Maybe you are moving overseas, or have a family and a job to focus on. Perhaps you’re simply looking to retire and leave the everyday hassle of managing your property to a professional. Whatever your circumstances, we’re here to help.

Now in its fourth year of operation, Bristol Local Lets is the Bristol rental market’s best kept secret. We’ve grown gradually, thanks to our wonderful clients’ recommendations and aim to continue to do so by creating long term, sustainable tenancies which are strong investments for property owners and homes for their tenants according to a strong code of ethics centred around great customer service and affordability.

How do we stay affordable?

Rather than maintaining an expensive high street shop, or a high profile advertising campaign, we work out of the Create Centre in Hotwells.

This means we aren’t the most high profile property firm in Bristol, but also that the standard of our service (i.e. making you happy) is our main marketing tool.

Our network of trusted handymen and registered engineers means there is no maintenance emergency too large and also that our care is entirely scalable.


Melanie Williams runs Bristol Local Lets – she’s been a landlord for 20 years and so has experienced every problem there is to experience with property, tenants and agencies. During this time she also worked for local councils in the social housing sector: managing property and dealing with problems unique to the social housing experience. It means there’s nothing she cannot face!

Mel qualified in residential letting and management and inventory provision, and set up Bristol Local Lets as the antidote to the modern letting agency: friendly, discerning and reasonably priced.

Carbon footprint

Our Environment

Bristol Local Lets is committed to minimising its impact on the environment. We do this by operating from the Create Centre (http://www.createbristol.org/) rather than expending energy on electric lights in a shop front or signage, drive low CO2 vehicles and attempt to be paperless where possible.

We’re also aware that the homes we manage produce approximately 6 tonnes of CO2 each year. We try to promote energy saving measures when we can and to highlight schemes such as the Green Deal, which looks to revolutionise energy efficiency in the UK.